Input of endpoint and variables (database) via dashboard - node-red-contrib-s7

Hello all,

is there a possibility to type in the endpoint ip adres and the variables through the dashboard? I already create a variable for the ip adres and variables, but i cant find a solution to connect together.

@machadotiago maybe you have a solution?

thank you all in advance...

Greetz Murat

Hello @mcom, unfortunately that is not possible. The only way is to change the flow file. You can do that by using the admin API of node-red (more details here: Admin API : Node-RED)

Hey @machadotiago ,
sorry for my late reply. In the meantime i have made some trial with influxDB. At first happy new year and best wishes !

I have made altough some trial with the REST API of NODE-RED. I could replace with the /flow/global the configuration. But somehow this request kill my other config for dashbord etc.. Do you have an Idea, how can replace only the S7 config? Or should i start another Topic?

Greetz Murat


you could use npm nodes7. I've posted an example of dynamic addressing, maybe this might come to use: Siemens reading from PLC with nodeS7 npm

Hello @KarolisL ,

this looks interesting, I will try it out and let you know!!! Thanks in advance for your attention

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