S7 Endpoint configuration

Hi there,

i need to set the variables of the s7 endpoint node dynamically, i mean from out side the node

i have an idea to connect to oracle database to fetch the following Data:
PLC IP, Rack, Slot and also the variables

then send those values (via a function node or something else) to the s7 Endpoint node

i search a lot for any thing like that but i couldn't do it

any help will be highly highly appreciated

Welcome to the forum,

please take a look at Siemens reading from PLC with nodeS7 npm - Industrial - Node-RED Forum (nodered.org)

also for more information:
plcpeople/nodeS7: Node.JS library for communication to Siemens S7 PLCs (github.com)

Many thanks, really your reply is very very helpful
do me a favor and send me how to write to PLC

sorry, don't have an example of writing, but it looks pretty straight forward from github example:

function connected(err) {
  if (typeof(err) !== "undefined") {
    // We have an error. Maybe the PLC is not reachable.
  conn.setTranslationCB(function(tag) { return variables[tag]; }); // This sets the "translation" to allow us to work with object names
  conn.addItems(['TEST1', 'TEST4']);
  // conn.removeItems(['TEST2', 'TEST3']); // We could do this.
  // conn.writeItems(['TEST5', 'TEST6'], [ 867.5309, 9 ], valuesWritten); // You can write an array of items as well.
  // conn.writeItems('TEST7', [666, 777], valuesWritten); // You can write a single array item too.
  conn.writeItems('TEST3', true, valuesWritten); // This writes a single boolean item (one bit) to true

your support is highly appreciated

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