At last an update to node-red-contrib-rfxcom!

I've just published version 2.13.0 of the package. This should fix the various issues with trying to compile old versions of serialport on some architectures, as well as a few other bugs. New features:

  • Payload formatting control for some of the 'in' nodes to give better compatibility with other node families
  • PT2262-in now has a 'squelch' control (the minimum received signal level to generate a message), and if you are using a device list, you can suppress generating 'raw' messages for devices not in the list. These help reduce the number of spurious messages - mainly from wireless alarm systems
  • Bug fixes in blinds-out handling of unit numbers
  • Many new packet subtypes added
  • Partial support for 868 MHz device types

This version retains compatibility with NodeJS v14.x.x, and should still be compatible with Node-RED v1.x.x, if anyone is still using that (untested though)