Auto forwarding of bot messages

Hello, I created a new bot that only sends one menssage after client sends something. After sent that message I want the client (not bot) to have the forwarding to the bots message. I can not do this and I need help.
I used the package node-red-contrib-telegrambot.

Hi and welcome to the forum.

Unfortunately, I can't quite make out the meaning of that. Could you please elaborate?

When the Bot answers, I want to automatically be replying to that message.

You can reply in Node-RED where you have control. But in Telegram, bots are deliberately restricted. So if a bot sends to a Telegram user or channel, you cannot have an automated response since bots cannot talk to each other directly.

I don't want to auto reply bots among them. I just want to appear to the user like it is replying the bot.

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