Problem to use node-red-contrib-telegrambot


I am using the node-red-contrib-telegrambot to send messages and receive answers from my bot, but so far I do not get anything back.

  1. I think I properly set up my bot and I have received my API token
  2. I set up my Bot in the config nodes without any issue, it seems, I see the "connected" status
  3. I send a payload to the node-sender:
    {"chatId":1130402123,"type":"message","content":"hello from node-red!"}
    (I modified the chatID, but this is my personal user id received from bot)

I receive nothing back in telegram, nor I get any output from the node-sender

Any help would be appreciated...

Hi. It is a good idea to start with the built in examples. (they do work)


Try them out & follow the instructions in the readme

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Thanks Steve. Indeed all examples work. I tested on another of my node-red instances.
I think I had something wrong on my first node-red instance, maybe an old version. I will continue using this one to explore Telegram bot possibilities, as it works like a charm...

By the way, thanks a lot for showing how we can easily use node-red samples directly from the dashboard by using CTRL+I ! This is a great feature...


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