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Hello guys,

I want to use telegram messages in my projects, as I see it as easy and free way to recieve updates on my phone.There is a catch tho.

I downloaded node-red-contrib-telegrambot (15.0.1) Created bot via @BotFather on Telegram.
I stared a chat with my new bot, so I cloud get a chatID via api/getResponse.
Than, after setting up my node, I an getting and error: "TypeError: Cannot read properties of null (reading 'botname')".
My config clearle contains botname, in this case SKOiotBot. The same thing happens if I create a different bot. Any tips?
Config info:

Have you tried leaving the ChatIds box empty?
On my setup I put a @sign at the start of the Bot-Name.
e.g @SKOiotBot

By-the way...
I would blank out your Token and ChatId in your image otherwise you may get swamped with messages.

Thanks for the tip, but I already tried those options but no change whatsoever. I dont mind getting this bot spammed as I will create a new one and I am not able to connect to this one anyway. But I get your point.

OK, so have you tried restarting Node-RED and rebooting your Raspberry PI ??

It should look like this when the Bot connects.

To isolate all the other parts of your flow, you could try placing the Telegram node on a flow (in a new tab) with nothing else there?
Does it connect?
You might need to disable the original Telegram node or even delete it (whilst you check things out).

Try turning on verbose logging as well to see if you get any more data. I would certainly remove the chatids field until you have things working.

My chatid's start with a -

I've created a small test-flow...

When I painstakenly enter your bot token I get this error message.


I suggest you ask the Bot Father for the token again.

Thanks for all your ideas. I have this NodeRed instance running on cloud, so I redeployed it and removed the chatIds and it is working now. :raised_hands:

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