Auto install packages using package.json

Hi, I am still busy with a CD/CI config. I do dev on Docker on Mac - push the flows.json etc back top github, then want to install - without Projects - on RPi.

In this port of Nic creating-a-node-red-deployment-pipeline-to-ibm-cloud , he says you need to use your package.json file to ensure all packages are in.

Is their some command to run against Node-RED once the cloned git repo with the package.json is on the target host (RPi) ? As mine is not bringing down the packages when I startup Node-RED.

npm install against that package.json

Thank you, and if I run the Node-RED docker instance?

Going to try this:

Adding Nodes

Installing extra Node-RED nodes into an instance running with Docker can be achieved by manually installing those nodes into the container, using the cli or running npm commands within a container shell, or mounting a host directory with those nodes as a data volume.

Node-RED Admin Tool

Using the administration tool, with port forwarding on the container to the host system, extra nodes can be installed without leaving the host system.

    $ npm install -g node-red-admin
    $ node-red-admin install node-red-node-openwhisk

In this link:

Thank you, never done this - it's awesome !

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