Auto Led alarm setting


I'm trying to ask for help because I'm coding incorrectly. When the sensor rings an alarm, the LED changes automatically from green to red
I've tried it many times, but I don't know

Please help me

flows (7).json (43.6 KB)

So is this a school project or are you and @jains (How to change the LED color when the temperature goes up and the alarm goes off) working on the same thing?

No, I'm doing it individually We're not working on a project together

Why is it that the flow you provided is nothing like the image of the flow you pasted in your first post BUT that image strikingly matches the flow that @jains has provided in his thread?

In addition there is no led node or template node in your flow?

What's happening?

I've been waiting for you to respond to my request for data to run thru your flow.

And now I am leaving for a Dr appointment and will be gone for an hour or so.

I logged in to reply for a while, but I'm sorry
May I know if it's going well?

Is what going well? You need to explain yourself.

I want to know what happened to the json file Is it done?

What json file and who are you asking about it?

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@zenofmud are asking

What JSON file are you asking about?

Once again I will ask you this:

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