Auto password complete

I use my email address as user name in certain nodes for signing into devices.
When i come to set up a email node using the same address and email password the password is auto changing on deploy to the password used in the previous nodes. Ive proved Its not related to browser password settings.
Any ideas of a fix for this

I have seen similar behaviour, the browser-triggered autofill somehow does not get registered in certain nodes (and thus node-red assumes they are empty). When I use the tab-key to force focus on the fields they are registered. Not sure if your issue is the same/similar although it sounds like it.

Perhaps @knolleary has some thoughts about this.

Browsers are getting more and more 'helpful' in auto-filling fields, regardless of the wishes of the page developer. There is no standard way of disabling this feature - each workaround that has existed as lasted a short time before chrome/firefox release a new version that counters the workaround.

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Thanks guys for posting
Thought that maybe command in
Cmd prompt to flushed saved settings.
Maybe I try reinstalling?

Do you mean that even if you manually type the password after entering the user name it is replaced with an old value?

Yes this is exactly what happens
Some old value is stuck in the system and the newly typed psswd is still there when opened after saving
But reverts when deployed

That has to be a bug in the email node I think, if it is not using the password that you have entered and deployed. I find that very odd though, how does it know what the old one was I wonder. Does it use the new one if you restart node-red?

No always reverts, tried everything but reinstall.
I have had this working on pi
This one running on windows.

Check that flows_<...>_cred.json has not somehow got write protected or the wrong permissions. I think the credentials are all held in there. If not you could try renaming that file and restarting node-red. I think it would then make a new one and you would have to put all your credentials in again.

Thanks, searched that file with no results?

Its in your .node-red directory. Your flows file will be called flows_something.json and the credentials file is flows_something _cred.json, where something is the same something as the flows file, obviously.
If you still can't find it post the node red log when node red starts, from the Welcome to node-red message.

That still all sounds like the browser auto filling the fields for you. There is nothing in the editor, or the email node, that would cause this behaviour.

Even though he/she is explicitly entering the password and deploying?
The proof would be to try it from a different computer or a different browser.

I have this same issue constantly. Chrome is trying to be so helpful! What I did have happen is that when I click a field, it doesn't show a cursor to edit the field, and when I erase, is does nothing, almost like the autofilled value is hovering over the field and not editable, so if I were to close this dialog, that autofill is going to be send. Node-red is the only page I have this issue with, but it's also a very complicated page with many forms and fields, i don't think I interact with any other pages that are so text field intensive, so maybe turning off autofill when using node-red would be the best move.