Prevent Chrome from autofilling username in node name

If I have my password to my node-red server saved in Chrome, Chrome will insert my username into the "Name" field of every node that I edit that does not have this field populated. On dashboard nodes, it inserts my username into the icon field.

There is likely a way to instruct Chrome to disable password management after login via javascript or css. If so, this could be an easy fix.

Back in the days, you could add autocomplete="off" to input field however, now it's ignored by modern browsers.
But browser store data using input name, so if you can, change that name to something more unique than name, eg: <input name="myUniqueName"> etc.

Did anyone found a solution for this problem in NodeRed and Chrome?

@mrvladis in NR1.0 we've added a couple more tricks to discourage Chrome from 'helping' in this regard.

hi @knolleary

Yes, I have seen on GitHub, however didn't make any difference to me :(((

I am on nodered/node-red:1.0.0-1-12 and it still put my username into the entity field.


Which node in particular? Or does it happen with all nodes?

Hi @knolleary,

I mainly automate HomeAssistant (node-red-contrib-home-assistant-websocket


Only one I notice it on is in that node-red-contrib-home-assistant-websocket module, in particular the Entity ID field. The others are fine. But it treats it as if its a username field, so the autocomplete that is given is saved credentials. And it's rather annoying because i've got a list of credentials for my domain. It looks like chrome only compares the last 2 segments of the domain name when suggesting credentials. So if i'm on and i have saved credentials for, it suggests both the credentials for and