Autocomplete not working

Hi folks,

I'm developing a new node where I need autocompletion in an input field which is located inside a popup dialog:

var formField = $('<form/>');
// Create a dropdown, that represents the property name
var propertyNameField = $('<input/>', {class:"node-input-trace-name", type:"text", placeholder:"Property name", name:"propertyName"}).css({"width":"70%","margin-left":"5px","margin-right":"5px","z-index":"10000"}).appendTo(formField);

   source: function(req, add){
       var properties =["prop_A", "prop_B", "prop_C"];
       add($.ui.autocomplete.filter(properties || [] , req.term));
   modal: true,
   title: 'Enter a trace property name',
   zIndex: 10000,
   resizable: false,
   buttons: {
      'OK': function () {
         var name = $('input[name="propertyName"]').val();
         alert("Name = " + name);
      'Cancel': function () {

I have written this code, similar like @Steve-Mcl has done it for our SVG node.
The dialog appears correctly, but no autocomplete options are displayed:


Normally a list of all corresponding options (in this case "prop_A", "prop_B" and "prop_C") should be displayed ...

I have no clue why it doesn't work, because I arrive in the "source" callback function (for every character that I enter):


Does anybody see what I'm doing wrong?

Thanks !!!

Been a while since I wrote that Bart but if memory serves, you might need some CSS styling. I.e its working - you just aint seeing it. Check the DOM.

Failing that what repo is it & I'll take a look.


another thought...
try initialising the autocomplete in the dialog open event...

  open: function( event, ui ) {
    $( "#id" ).autocomplete({  source: properties });

Hey Steve,

In the SVG node you had added this style:

    .ui-svg-ui-autocomplete {
        max-height: 100px;
        overflow-y: auto;
        overflow-x: hidden; /* prevent horizontal scrollbar */
        /*padding-right: 20px;/* add padding to account for vertical scrollbar */

Which you had applied in every autocomplete field:

   classes: {
      "ui-autocomplete": "ui-svg-ui-autocomplete", //add custom class for styling the dropdown
   source: function(req, add){
      add($.ui.autocomplete.filter(node.nonAnimationIds || [] , req.term));

So it is really needed to use custom css again :woozy_face:

I forget the reasons (might have been bad alignment or zero width or scrolling issues - i really cant remember Bart) - my memory is as bad as yours :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Not so much custom - just for style collisions in node-red editor (i think - super vague comment type thingy)

PS, did you see my EDIT in prev post?

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Thanks for reminding me about that! Had already forgotten about my bad memory :wink:

Nope, so good that you mention it.
That seems indeed to be the solution:


I have no clue how you figured out so quickly that this could be the solution...
I'm very impressed. Yes, very impressed !!

It was an educated guess based around having previous struggles with jQuery widget initialisation issues in dialogs :slight_smile:

Glad its sorted. :+1:

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