Automate subflow exports

Hi Folks,

We are busy trying to to automate exporting a sub-flow into its own node, with the idea of building our own library that can be used across multiple devices. What would be the best approach to achieve this goal?

We are currently making use of the subflow2node node that uses the exported sub-flow as an input and generates a local npm package that could be installed to the local node-red instance. Currently we are doing this export process by hand via the node-red web interface. Is there a way of automating this export for all the sub-flows that is available in the instance?

Or are we completely missing something and there is a much easier way to build node-red libraries?

Would love to hear your thoughts on this.



I guess you could create a flow that reads the current flow file and then searches for the appropriate sub-flow sections of the JSON, sending each as its own JSON payload along with a calculated name. You could then process those through the subflow2node node.

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