[Automatic or Adaptive Dashboard screens ] [PC Smartphone ]

I looked around all diferents topics and didn't found answers about...
i created some dashboards for a 24' screen size and it works finelly thanks to NR.
I would like to display them on a tablet scrren one.
Unfortunatly i cannot be able to automatically resize or adapt the screens.
As somewhere any solutions for solved it.
NRedlty yours...

It may be possible to divide the dashboard into tablet sized groups, which fit one beside another on the large screen, then flow onto the next row for the next set of groups, and on the tablet they will appear one at a time.

Alternatively you may have to have a separate set of displays for the tablet

I think that you would need to write (or find) an adaptive Dashboard Theme. Dashboard was written before the adaptive capabilities of CSS came along.

How big are the group widths you have created for the large screen? If they are a sensible size then they should automatically rearrange on a smaller screen.

thanks for reply

groups widths are variables from 6 till 20.
i understood now than the only issuewill be to reduce the size to 6 and no more.
I thought about another way because i'll need to get NR screens on Tablet,PC or smartphone.
My ideas and i looking for examples is to use in a NR app 3 servers IP adresses means one for each support possible?I don't know to follow...

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