Dashboard sizing?

If I want to use my dashboard on multiple computers with different resolutions, is there a way to auto-scale it?

Still haven't managed to find a solution

The dashboard tries to be responsive in it's layout - it will re-arrange groups to try to fit the available space. By careful choices of widget sizes and group sizes you can probably work out something that fits most screens - but it is not going to be perfect across all screen sizes.

I am having similar issues, i have developed a neat dashboard which perfectly utilizes the entire space available on my Desktop monitor, but when i open the same in my large screen TV, i have to compromise display area by reducing browser zoom percentage to 75%. i loose out precious width to accomodate the entire height of the dashboard, since the screen size ratio is not as per my desktop for which initially the dashboard was set for.
I can get the large monitor to fit the entire width by increasing the widget size horizontally in the Site of Dashboard. however then my desktop is now awry.

It will be great if someone can make a dashboard adjustment tool by just taking inputs like screen size, ratio, etc. i have seen this in many online video streaming services where easily we can switch to 4:3, 16:9, 16:10 fullscreen, fit width etc..

come on developers. you can do it.

We look forward to your code contribution :slight_smile:

You could use the ui-builder project and create your own where you can use whatever framework you like that may help scalability.

The easiest way that i have found is to make a separate tab for the mobile device, this involves a lot of duplication of desktop nodes and fiddling.

But there is only the single resolution, you cannot have one resolution for tab 0, and another resolution for tab 1.