Dashboard problem (Not responsive)

Hi, i try to make my Dashboard responsive.

at the moment i have the problem, the device of my wife and mine have different resolutions.

so if i use width of 8 per node, the device of my wife is to small to show the full content.
She can see all content with width of 6 (Like Weight 8 of my phone screenshot) per node. If i set 6, the dashboard looks creepy on my phone.

The last 2 Screenshots are my layout (Main is 6 for testing)

How i can solve this problem?

This Thread didnt help me: Responsive Dashboard

width 6

width 8

width 10

I am not going to say I have the answer, but I have had similar problems.

Thinking outside the box:

Leave things as they were. I know that sounds a bit silly, but hear me out.

On the device with lower resolution: zoom out a bit with the browser's view of the page. That way you see more. It won't (or shouldn't) be a lot if the difference is solved by changing it from 8 to 6 - unless you have a LOT of individual items across the screen.
Again: I'm not going to say it is the answer, but it may be a good alternative.

All the best.

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Hm i will try it tomorrow. I hope it is so simple.

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