Dashboard layouts changing. Ok, different resolution monitors but

I am Low resolution person. 1368 x 768 I believe.


Ok, I maybe fell for the oldest trick. ZOOM levels.
I'll check that next time I am one other machine.
I shall leave this here just to *rub salt into my wound.
Does this bit I just posted seem to be the cause?

And usually this is what my dashboard looks like:
The window is set to FULL SCREEN size.

This is good.

But on another machine which has a completely different resolution it went a bit weird.

Ok, I get it, I resized the window for the dashboard.... But now for the life of me, I can't get it back to how it should be.

Now I'll digress for a moment. As you can see I have a few tabs and so ANOTHER tab opens like this:

And things look nice.

If I resize the window and get that to show how it does on the original machine, (see next picture) it looks good.

But it isn't that simple.

Because if I then switch to the second machine's dashboard, it looks like this:

And so I move the size of the window to get that working and go back to the original picture and this is what has happened.

What I understand:
Ok the second machine has a WAY bigger monitor and is a different aspect ratio.
But on th esecond machine I am NOT running FULL SCREEN on firefox. It is windowed.
And so if I set the size of the window to the size of the monitor on the first machine - my main one - the dashboard should look the same: shouldn't it?

For what ever reason I resized it and it got messed up.
I resize/shape the window to the right size and shape - as shown - but then ANOTHER tab which has the same layout is messed up.

Even if it seems that the dashboard layout is powerful enough to satisfy our strange wishes it still has some limits. The base is masnory layout which can do it's thing until you don't use too many different card widths. Having 6 units and 12 units together works but with other arbitrary combinations it may fail cos it is not predictable and the reorderring of cards infinitely can't be main task of layout.

So if you force it do fail it does it at some point. Simplest solution is to not force. Meaning that you don't have arbitrary card sizes.

It is common misunderstanding that you are designing the dashboard. No. As the layout is not under your control, you should only design the cards. And leave the layout to the masnory to figure out. All this with full respect of what the masnory can and wat it can't do. Doing so you will avoid having such issues cos you don't step over the limits of underlying support.

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