Automation based on temperature

Hello. I need little help. I wanna do some automation based on outside temperature. I dont have a outside sensor. I mean outside temperature based on weather forecast.
For example: my heating in bathroom turn on every hour at night and turned off after 30 minutes. It is possible start this automation only if outside temperature will be below 10°C? I know, it is possible for sure but i dont know how to do this. Can you someone point me at the right direction please? Thanks

I'm from Czech so sorry for my english

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Which bit don't you know how to do? Fetching the outside forecast temperature, working out when the heater should be on, or switching the heater on/off?

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This should be easy to do IF you have the knowledge/hardware to turn the heat on and off. You could use a timer node (like node-red-contrib-cron-plus or node-red-contrib-bigtimer) to run the flow once an hour at night. Then send a request to get the weather and check the value you get back. Then decide if you want to turn the heat on (use a switch node) If you want to turn it on, send a msg to a trigger which you configure to send a command to turn the heater on, and set the trigger node to wait 60 minutes and then send out the command to turn the heater off.

That is one idea of how to do it.

Thanks for welcoming guys. My problem is that i don't know how to send a request for check
outside temperature

take a look at node-red-node-openweathermap

Thanks i will look at this tomorrow. And I will write another problem here. I hope that is no problem. I dont start a new topic unnecessarily.
I have presence detection for me and my girlfriend. When we both leave house, some defined light a switch turned off. But i want to do this automation little bit smarter. I wanna reach this: we both leave house, node red check which light and switch is on and after that will be turn off everything what
is on in the house

Hi @Thomas88103 if it's a different issue, it would be better to create a new topic, otherwise it gets messy.

Okey. I will create new topic

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So now i have installed node-red-node-openweathermap.
Setting API key and location and i dont know how to continue next

Are you able to get the data from it? If not what have you tried that is not working. If you are an absolute beginner with node-red I suggest you watch the Node-red Essentials videos which are linked from the node-red docs. An hour spent doing that will save you time very quickly.

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