Automation of pushing flows to Gitlab

Hi Everyone,

Is there anyway to create a repo in Gitlab (using nodes) and then push a flow to it every time i deploy ?


Did you try a forum search? Try using 'GitHub flow' and you will find some threads.

Actually yeah... i took a quick look on the previous post about it and i've found this post : Project mode by tabs/flow? which is what i really want to do but i don't understand how it works ... Thanks for the reply

Did you try it? What part don't you understand?

in both inject and credentials nodes there is a field called token, so i've putted my gitlab project token there but it dosen't work

Actually when i copied the export to github subflow, i obtained another flow (in another tab) with "inject", "ceredentials", "set msg.commit" and the "Export to github" subflow (the one we see in the picture of the post) so it's a little bit confusing where to tell him which flow i want to export. thanks again for you reply and sorry i didn't explain this to you previously.

so did you get it working?

i got error : "TypeError: msg.payload.forEach is not a function"

Hmm that user did not document his process very well did they. Not only that but I just noticed that this goes to GitHub and you want to go to GitLab so it wouldn't work for you any way.

You could search to see to see if therre is anything for gitLab, but I have no knowledge of GitLab. Sorry

yeah ... thanks for your help :grinning:

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