Automotive Gauge cluster for vehicle front Dashboard Display

I'm working on creating a touchscreen display for a vehicle that shows a few gauges with basic vehicle info (speed, temperature, fuel level, etc.) and wanted to ask:

  1. If there are any slick gauge packages available as Node-red dashboard widgets? (I've downloaded a few standard ones to play with (artless gauge, linear gauge, etc.)

  2. I've seen some nice-looking gauge clusters that are rendered using CSS/Javascript and wanted to know if there is an easy way to integrate these to have a more custom look/feel.

Don't want to reinvent the wheel if possible so wanted to ask about current options out there. Looking to create a quick prototype but something that looks graphically nice also.

There is:


May be of use

I think this is more what you are looking for ?



Hotnipi also gifted a web component version of his excellent gauge to the community as well. It currently lives in my GitHub. GitHub - TotallyInformation/gauge-hotnipi: A nice looking gauge W3C component gifted by hotnipi for use with Node-RED, uibuilder and other uses

In that form, it can be used with uibuilder or even with http-in/-out nodes. Or even (horrors) without Node-RED at all - though where's the fun in that!

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Yes, that looks nice! I'm going to try to create a quick dashboard with some of those now.

I noticed in that thread that there was talk of creating a library for that gauge. Did they ever make one?

Yes, that's the one I mentioned. It is implemented as a web component so can be used pretty much anywhere.

As TotallyInfomation posted -

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