Autonomous robot controlled by NR

I've been sketching a robotics project for the past few weeks.

I do not have a clear definition of what will be developed, nor the exact form of the prototype, but I am collecting information.

Well, I already worked with Nr and I know his power. Because of this, I was thinking about the possibility of using it as a control tool for my robot. The idea would be to use a Pi running NR. Through the GPIO pins the sensor data would be obtained (for example, distance from objects). Through the implemented logic, the operators would receive specific commands. I think the main advantage is the robustness that logical operations can have, besides that the Nr can execute multiple flows at the same time, different from an Arduino, for example.

Within that, what would you say to me? I have some doubts with regard to efficiency, energy for example. In addition to motors and sensors, I will also have to burn the pi too, all using batteries. It's a good idea?

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