Is this possible: NR on laptop with arduino

In case someone done this before or experience with this (could save me a lot of mucking around). Is it possible to install

  1. pi Debian (with NR) on a laptop;
  2. install arduino node
  3. hook up an arduino (with firmata) via usb to the laptop and control it with the arduino node ?

I don't see issues with 1 &2
but will the laptop talk to arduino via NR?


Should work fine. Of is just a special kind of serial port connection..

Yes, this works fine. I've done it on a laptop with Windows as well. Though I don't use Firmata generally. I find it easier to push some simple code to the Arduino to make it do what I want (even though I'm not a C programmer).

Hi All, Thanks for that, I will give it a go. I have also installed NR now on a Android phone with Termux, it would be interesting if I can use a OTG usb to connect to Arduino (natively the phone does not seems to support OTG, but Termux and NR may do some magic.