Availability of Raspberry Pi Pico and Pico-W in the UK

If, like one of my friends, you are having problems finding a Raspberry Pi Pico W in the UK - then you might like to know that this supplier has stock available (as of 29th Jan, 2023).

£7.93 inc VAT and delivery - must be a snip if you live in the UK.

The above link is for the eBay shop/outlet for RapidOnline (a major UK distributor).

They also have stock of the Pico (without WiFi and headers) for £5.46 inc VAT and delivery.


Strange that the image doesn't show the headers and not mentioned in title but like you say - it says they come with them in the blurb

The ones I bought are WITHOUT headers. I needed to solder header pins onto them.

Sorry - too early in morning :frowning: Saw "pre-soldered connectors"! :slight_smile:

With headers:

Raspberry Pi Pico W with Header Raspberry Pi Pico WiFi with Pre-soldered Headers | eBay

There should not be any problem getting a Raspberry Pi Pico in the UK.
This is CPC Farnell's stock level

If only the same were true of the Raspberry Pi Zero Two W...

Well all I can say is what my friend said to me...

I have a Zero W on back order with CPC - they're currently estimating mid June for delivery but I'm not holding my breath.

So that's £2 extra for having headers soldered on to the Pico-W by someone else.

Although my eyesight isn't that good now, I've managed to solder 2 by 20-pin headers.

So the bottom line is - you pay your money, make/take your choice.


Ordered a Pico-W pre-headered from Pimoroni last Friday and got it the next day with standard shipping of Royal Mail 1st Class. Website currently shows over 200 in stock.

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