Wired ethernet for Raspberry Pi Pico

Hi folks,

People that know me well, will know that I like wireless stuff but that I prefer wired solutions where possible.

Got a news feed this morning about a hack to communicate with a Pico via a wired ethernet connection:

The connection is limited: low data rate and no POE. But to read some sensors, that is sufficient...

So if anybody has time to try it, then I would appreciate to know the result...



Hi Bart,
look please here:

I have start to write a library months ago for Pico and W5500 board. But I have then no time for this.
Other question, why do you not use a Raspberr Pi ?

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Pimoroni offer the W5100S-EVB-Pico board (if you can find one) - same as what @iiot2k mentioned.


This module isn't easy to get.
You can also use this cheap module:

I am not sure but pico python support this chip.

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