Aviso de luz encendida - 'Light on' warning

Hola, soy nuevo por aquí...

Quiero hacer un flow en que me avise de si me dejó una luz encendida más de 3min estando de día.
Tengo un sensor que me dice si está de día o está de noche, binary_sensor.luminosidad
Y una serie de switch para controlar las luces, por ejemplo:

Todos empiezan igual hasta el "_".
He probado un montón de cosas, y puedo hacerlo con una luz, poniendo 5 nodos, pero quisiera hacerlo más automático y no tener que hacer un flow gigantesco con 20 líneas de 5 nodos, todo repetido.
Otra cosa utilizo el node red de home assistant

Se agradece cualquier tipo de ayuda...

English translation

Hi, I'm new around here...

I want to make a flow in which it warns me if it left a light on for more than 3min during the day.
I have a sensor that tells me if it is day or night, binary_sensor.brightness
And a series of switches to control the lights, for example:

They all start the same up to "_".
I have tried a lot of things, and I can do it with a light, putting 5 nodes, but I would like to make it more automatic and not have to do a gigantic flow with 20 lines of 5 nodes, all repeated.
Another thing I use the home assistant node red

Any kind of help is appreciated ..

Hi Victor, welcome to the forum.
I've translated your post above, but you are more likely to get support if you use English language in the forum.
Google translate is very good!

ok, thank you very much, I'll be in the next post

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