AWS- installing Dashboard help

Succesfully installed and running an instance of Node Red on AWS EC2 . The Node Red part is working ok

Problem: I tried to install the Node Red Dashboard from the Manage Palette, but got the attached errors which I don't quite understand. Any ideas?

npm gets permission denied when trying to create a directory.

Sounds like a problem with your install than the dashboard itself.

Did you follow the guide in the website?

Can you install other nodes?

I have a similar problem, but was able to workaround by SSH into the EC2 instance and install the node from the command line

Thank you for the feedback and hints.
I was able to install the NodeRed Dashboard. Here is the history of my findings so this can help others.

  1. Installed instance of NodeRed on AWS EC2. Node Red runs ok
  2. Opened Node Red Palette manager and installing the Node Red Dashboard - failed.
    Installing other packages also fails from the Paletter Manager.
    So tried SSH and using command line which will wors

SSH back to the EC2 with Putty.
-Goto .node-red directory
-sudo npm i node-red-dashboard
-reboot the server
That works.

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so which user is Node-RED running as ? and who owns the .node-red directory ?
they should (of course) be the same... but obviously aren't.

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Not great at the Sys Adm part. I will need to study up on this. Sorry, but just coming from a different background.