Aws-iot - Raspberry Pi

I'm trying to connect Node-RED running on a Raspberry Pi 3B via mqtt with aws-iot. The environment is:
Raspberry Pi 3B buster
Node RED: 1.3.1
Node.js: 12.21.0
I'd done several things:

  1. Download aws-iot learning -> integrate a device -> Linux/Python: ==> all is working fine
  2. Download aws-iot learning -> integrate a device -> Linux/NodeJS ==> all is working fine
  3. create a new object, zertificate, policy and prepare the Node-RED properties as follows:
    mqtt-out node:
    server = Object-ARN
    MQTT V3.1.1
    Client-ID: empty / aws-object-name
    upload certificates
    After deploy the mqtt-out-node tries ti establish a connection, but there ist no success. The message is:
    10 May 09:38:51 - [info] [mqtt-broker:aa817256.5f6da] Verbindung zum Broker meinPython@mqtts://arn:aws:iot:eu-west-1:256431347199:thing/myDevice:8883 konnte nicht hergestellt werden
  4. change mqtt-configuration to working python-object
    same message, no success
  5. establishing a fairly new Node RED environment on a Windows PC and test mqtt-configuration with python credentials
    same message, no success
  6. Using exactly the instructions on this video, no success

any idea?
Thank you so much

I am new to AWS IoT so I can´t offer much help. I did follow the instructions from the video and got it working right first time. So, I can say that the instructions given in the video are not very well explained but they work well at the end of the day.

Perhaps one point to double check is the name of the MQTT broker you used in your setup. It should be like indicated at 4:49s in the video.

Hi Andrei,
thank you so much for the quick response.
Yes, there was a little mistake in the post concerning the server-property. It was because I got a little confused during writing the post after unsuccessful testing.
I tried with the endpoint information from object - interact. No success.
On the other hand the Monitor displays several successful connections. But the test subscription of # does not show anything from Node-RED (of course). Trying to use aws-mqtt-nodes same issue - aws-mqtt-out is sending from Node-RED but nothin happens on aws-iot.
I'll think, I'll stop now. It's disappointing
Thank you agin

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