AWS Lightsail Container Node-Red Şifre Oluşturma

Hello everyone. I recently started learning Node-red, but I am using it on amazon lightsail service by adding node-red image to container. So I can't create username and password at login. In the training videos, they do it through the command screen of node-red, but I cannot reach the node-red console screen through the aws container. How can I add username and password to my node-red login screen? I have no previous software experience, I am learning for the first time. Thank you very much for your help in advance.

Does lightsail have an edge proxy server? If so, you can probably do your authentication there instead.

UPDATE: A quick look at the website suggests that it does. So use NGINX or similar along with Node-RED and let it do the authentication and TLS handling. Make sure that node-red can only be accessed via the proxy.

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Hello there. Thank you very much for your reply. But I have no idea how to do the terms you mention. :frowning: Can you explain step by step what to do? I would really appreciate it.Thanks for your help.

I'm afraid not since I've never used that service. There are various threads on this forum about using something like NGINX as a proxy. But you will need to research how to do things on Amazon.

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Thank you very much for your interest. I will search.

Hello again. I installed node-red locally on windows server 2022. But I can't figure out how to make SSL certificate to my node-red server. How can I install SSL on windows server 2022? The videos are using ubuntu or raspberry pi. However, since I am using windows 2022, when I enter these codes in cmd, "'openssl' is not recognized as an internal or external command,
operable program or batch file." error.

You will need to install openssl.

Question. What is your intent? Are you wanting to expose node-red to the internet?

As Julian said before, using a proxy would make this simple & safer.

If you simply want a hosted node-red, with user login and signed certs then there are already cloud platforms. E.g. FlowForge. You can even try it out for free for 1 month using the code as mentioned here

For full disclosure I work for FlowForge (but I am also a maintainer of node-red open source project)

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Thank you very much for your reply. actually my server is currently connected to the internet. I created a username and password, but post alerts from tradingview are not reaching my node-red server, which is open to the internet. I've been trying everything I can find to solve this and the hardest part is doing it without any software knowledge. :frowning:

I've never deployed an SSL cert on a Windows server I'm afraid but I'm sure you will find loads of useful information from a search. On Linux, I simply use Let's Encrypt's script run using CRON periodically. It updates the certificate and key files in a secured folder and I add access to that to where it is needed such as my local instance of NGINX that I use for TLS termination. (Of course, you could do the same with node-red if you really must).

If your Windows server is part of a domain, you will likely need to stand up a Windows PKI service to properly manage certs.

If your Windows server has already been connected to and used over the Internet without TLS enabled, I would strongly recommend that you take it offline, reset it to a known good configuration, configure TLS before putting it back online.

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I couldn't do any of it. I am sad. Since I don't have any software knowledge, I installed the "nodered/node-red" image on the dockerhub page "Docker Hub" to the aws lightsail container again. However, I can use it this way. Can I password the node-red in this image?

The hashed version of the password should be in the data container since it lives in the settings.js.

BTW, if you can't set up full security for an internet facing server - please do everyone a favour, don't do it. Or hire someone who can.

yes, I was able to create a username and password for node-red on the local server, but as I said, how can I access the "nodered/node-red" settings.js file that I took from the dockerhub page? I wonder if I need to access it via docker with the server url address?

I don't use the docker version but I think that the instructions tell you how to access the files. I think that the data container is mounted on /data?

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