Access Node-Red in AWS EC2 Windows Instance


I installed Node-Red in an EC2 AWS instance with Windows OS. But I don´t get access Node-Red editor from my external browser, only within the instance using RDP. The 1880 port is free in security group of instance. Some suggestion?



AWS has its own firewalls and then there is the Windows firewall. All will probably need configuring to allow port 1880 through.

However, please do take note of recent hacking and check out the security recommendations in the FAQ's and the docs.

It is recommended that you use a reverse proxy if you are going to make it available over the Internet. Better still, only make your user endpoints accessible and hide the Editor behind a security service such as Cloudflare Zero Trust, ZeroTier or NGROK. These services could also protect your user-facing endpoints as well if you like.

And, of course, everything must also be protected with TLS and the editor with a user login of some kind (which most security services can provide or you can use your proxy with another tool).

Thanks for your attention, Julian. I will see your recommendations. Do you think that the choice by a Linux ou Ubuntu SO could be better then Windows to install Node-Red environment? What OS is more used?

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I would say that a Linux environment is significantly better than Windows for most server uses. The possible exception being if you want to make direct use of Windows identities (AD or AAD). But as you are in the AWS cloud, that is probably not the case anyway.

My own preference is to use Debian rather than Ubuntu as it is rather simpler and more stable. But of course, each to what they know.

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+1 for Debian

+1 linux

Most of the NR community does their stuff on Linux, and you'll appreciate it when you need help.

Julian, I write a new rule in Windows Defender Firewall, including the 1880 gate and it works now. Thank you very much!

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I would like to thank everyone who recommended Linux or Debian over Windows, and I will consider that in my decision.

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