AWS not accepting to send to address like

I have set up server on DigitalOcean with LAMP and running Node-Red succefully. Also set up Letsencrypt certicates, and I am able to post data form my desktop Postman to the address on the topicline. :grinning:

  • However, trying to POST data from AWS IoT I receive a note that the certificate cannot be trusted.
  • I have tried to establish the AWS connection to address and here there is no problem from the AWS side.
  • same issue with Sigfox callbacks - sigfow server will not send to an adress with any portnumber but would send if the address in the alternate form.
    MY QUESTION: Can I configure Note-Red to respond to post (or get) messages of the form /topic/subtopic - INSTEAD to using the :PORT ???

Hi, I gave up on this, created a nodejs-express application for the task instead.

Yes, if you start node-red with -p switch and set the port to 80 or 443

Alternatively, put something in front of node-red like haproxy or nginx In front of it and proxy the port to 1880

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