Azure IoT Hub data formatting


I have just started using Node-RED, and am excited to get it to solve some tasks for me.
I have attempted to connect to Azure IoT Hub, and have succeeded in doing so. But it seems like too much data is being generated, and I can't make out if it Azure or Node-RED is to blame.
Example: I put a small bit of text into the payload message, and around it, I get something like

Objavro.codecnullavro.schemaÐ{"type":"record","name":"Message","namespace":"Microsoft.Azure.Devices","fields":[{"name":"EnqueuedTimeUtc","type":"string"},{"name":"Properties","type":{"type":"map","values":"string"}},{"name":"SystemProperties","type":{"type":"map","values":"string"}},{"name":"Body","type":["null","bytes"]}]} íñ­$¼Ã”4æz¸‡ù÷úÎ82018-12-12T14:00:05.7170000Z to@/devices/mydeviceid/messages/events$connectionDeviceIdmydeviceid(connectionAuthMethodœ{"scope":"device","type":"sas","issuer":"iothub","acceptingIpFilterRule":null}8connectionDeviceGenerationId$636796069962215298contentEncoding enqueuedTime82018-12-12T14:00:05.7170000Z :

...but is there somewhere I can retrieve the "raw" data in Azure (or set up a rule/function) or something that can be changed in the configuration of Node-RED, which can help with this?

My apologies if this question belongs in an Azure forum and not here.



Hi mentioned below article will help you out to send Raw data and manipulate it using azure functions