Backing up and restoring the Node-Red system (Argument)

Hello everyone,
How can I backup the projects created and installed nodes in Node-Red? When I put this backup back in place, can I show the latest backup?

If I want to make a backup now, if I create a copy of the red boxes in the picture below, will these copies be restored when I put them back? How do you do the backup process?

You ask about projects, but looking at the folder structure I don't think you are talking about the Projects feature in node red. Assuming that you are not talking about Projects then generally you should back up everything in the .node-red folder apart from the node_modules folder. If you restore the backup, or install it on a new system, then go into the .node-red folder and run
npm install
and it will rebuild the node_modules folder and install any contrib nodes you have installed.

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