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Hi there,

last week i lost my working node red working at my Pi. I had an Backup which is much to old ... old story. So i setup a new system with a "part" of my way too old Backup. The weekend was gone.

My qustion is: Is there a simple Node which creates a Backup of the NodeRed flows. I mean without creating a copy/paste solution of codes which i did not understand cause ... whatever.

Is there a easy solution which i could not find?

Thx in advance


Have a look at node-RED Backup Flow which automatically backs up node-RED to Dropbox.
Simple is not always the best solution...

Wait, i'll do a Backup before testing it. :slight_smile:

So why didn´t you create a Node and put it into the Node-library ?

Some things are best done with the right tools :slight_smile:

I have 3 scripts that run on a CRON schedule - daily, weekly and monthly backups using rsync. Efficient and effective.

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Another alternative is to run ubuntu with zfs snapshots.

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