Basic Question about Node-RED Editor

Hello. This is my first question and I'm sure it'll be very basic for any of you but it's pretty frustrating for me. I'm working out of the book "20 Easy Raspberry Pi Projects". I'm on Project 17 where they use Node-RED for the first time. Unfortunately what's in the book and what's on my screen don't match.

They create a flow with two inject modes (timestamps) and a switch. Prior to that, on pages 212 and 215, they show the Node-RED editor with a Dashboard section. On page 214 they then show the dashboard section again and they talk about selecting that and then selecting the tab button.

The problem is that when I bring up the Node-RED editor I see no Dashboard section and not tab button either. Also, later on the select a slider to add to the flow and I don't see that anywhere as a choice either.

Does anyone know why my Node-RED editor is missing the Dashboard section, tab button, etc.?


Hi @gbenham
Welcome to Node-Red. The Dashboard Nodes need to be installed. Select in the top right corner three bars icon, then Manage Palette. then select install tab and then in the search bar type 'dashboard' you will get a number of entries but select 'node-red-dashboard'. Follow the prompts.

The Dashboard nodes will appear in the palette menu on the left had side. if for some reason it's not visible then moving your cursor down the left hand edge to about the middle will present a button to open the menu up.

I'm not sure which tabs you refer to but the tabs across the top are the flow pages and can be created pressing the '+' on the top bar.

the most important thing is to have fun

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Thanks man for the quick response!

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