Beginner Question - Openhab - Phillips Hue

Hello there!

I am just beginning to explore the functionalities in Node-Red.

I was able to setup the connection to my openhab installation and also to connect to my Phillips Hue Hub and i am able to select scenes and turn on and off the lights via openhab thru node-red.

Now i would like to read the temperature sensor from one of my motion sensors from phillips and write the temperature to one item in openhab.

What do i have to do to write only the temperature to openhab (as a number) because in the payload of the temperature is more than only the temperature.. also fahrenheit, battery level and so on is submitted there.

{"payload":{"celsius":21.49,"fahrenheit":70.68,"updated":"2019-02-01T13:05:55+01:00"},"info":{"id":"24","uniqueId":"00:17:88:01:02:10:13:d8-02-0402","name":"Hue temperature sensor 1","type":"ZLLTemperature","softwareVersion":"","battery":81,"model":{"id":"SML001","manufacturer":"Philips","name":"Hue Motion Sensor","type":"ZLLPresence"}},"_msgid":"e34cc6da.11d628"}

Thank you allot in advance for your help!


Wire a debug node up to the flow.

You can then use the tooltips as described on this page, to identify the path to any specific item. When you know the path
(eg msg.payload.celsius) you can use a change node to move that to msg.payload which will write over what is there with just the value you want