Switching on/off oven using temperature in Home Assistant

Hello. I've just started out with Node-RED, and I love how easy it is to visualize the automations. Or at least I will love it when I'm finally able to use it properly. :slight_smile:

Currently I'm trying to regulate the temperature in my kitchen by switching on/off a panel oven (using a Z-Wave wall plug) when evaluating a temperature. The data is available in Home Assistant, I'm just not sure how to utilize it in Node-RED.

The temperature is available as sensor.kitchen_temperature, and the wall plug is available as switch.telldus_tzwp102_plugin_switch_switch.

I thought about using the node-red-contrib-ramp-thermostat node for switching the wall plug. And I've gotten so far that I'm able to use the events:all node + switch node to filter out the state changed events. However, I don't know how to read out the temperature from the sensor and feed this into the thermostat node, and then control the wall plug using the thermostat node.

How can I do this?

YOur best bet is to implement MQTT to send the info across to Node-Red.

Having said that - you are far better off on the HA forum and asking them for the how to on this as your data is originating from there and there are a lot of knowledgeable people on that forum re MQTT interactions.

Once you get it into MQTT as a valid stream of data you can do anything you want with it in NR


Thanks for the tip. This guy has a pretty nifty solution to what you propose: https://www.google.no/amp/s/thingsmatic.com/2018/01/07/rfxtrx433e-node-red-mqtt-and-home-assistant/amp/

As a matter of interest, why do people want to use openHAB and node-RED together? I started with openHAB but the rules engine is horrible (at least for my brain) and when I found node-RED I very happily moved over completely to it.

I don't - I use Home Assistant. :slight_smile:

But I see your point, given that all of your hardware is supported by Node-RED. But what do you do in regards to display and presenting controls, values and graphs on a front panel?

Oh yes, I was conflating the two. Sorry. I haven't used Home Assistant.

For controls, values and basic graphs I use node-red-dashboard (or node-red-contrib-uibuilder for more DIY front end).
For historical graphs with zoom etc then influxdb and grafana of course.