Beginner Tip Do HTTP Request from JSON

Hi Guys,

i am rly new to NodeRed. I hope someone can help.

I used an API from NASA and get a json answer on my debugwindow.

msg.payload : Object


date: "1997-01-28"

explanation: "Many stars form in clusters. Two types of star clusters are visible in our Milky Way Galaxy: open clusters and globular clusters. Open clusters like M50, shown above, typically contain hundreds of..."

hdurl: ""

media_type: "image"

service_version: "v1"

title: "Open Cluster M50↵Credit and Copyright:"

url: ""

So my question is now: "How can i tell nodered that it should open the picture the upper url? "

What do you mean? Have node-red open the image in an image viewer on the same pc as node-red is running or on a client pc? Download the image to file? Present the image on a dashboard???

Hi Steve

NodeRed runs on a client PC. On Dashboard would be nice. I think i have to use a functionblock but i struggle with the code that i need to write in it.
Perfect would that when i deploy and run NR it give me the jsontext in the debugwindow and opens a new tab with the picture. Is it not possilble it would cool to see the picture via dashboard.

I want to see the Picture without copy the link from json in new tab. It should be done automaticly. I also dont want to download the pic.


If you just wanna see the image you could....

http-request --> image node --> image viewer

see this - look at the Get image from internet demo. To import the built in example use CTRL+I --> examples.

copy the path to the image by using the copy path button & use that to get the image.

There’s a great page in the docs that will explain how to use the debug panel to find the right path to any data item.

Hi Steve
unfortunately i dont have access to the Image nodes....
My flow is now inject-> http request with api -> json -> debug
One way could be the json node. With this node i can use the single item in the json.

So i need a new http request but how do i bring my url from the first json into it?....

Why not? You can install it from manage pallete

put a change node after the JSON node and copy the JSON value to msg.url then feed that to a 2nd http request. The built in help tells you this...


Hi steve

sorry i dont get it. I can't install new nodes because i dont have install rights. Im using NR via institution.

So i have this flow now:
Timstamp-> httprequest-> json-> payload
-> change -> payload

i get this output form the upper payload
title: xxx
title2: yyy

the url is title 3. What must i do in change node to get only title 3 and open this

Read the link i posted before

once you have the path to the URL, use a change node to set to copy the value from the path of that url into msg.url then pass that to another http request

ok i think i took a step forward. So i used a function node to seperate the url. When i deploy an run then NR tell me only the right URL.

So now i have to use the http request. Funktion go in and payload go out? But what do i need to set in the requust node?

the http request should take the url automaticly and open it


Just send the msg with msg.url set to the URL

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