Best brand/model smart TV to get and control with node-red?

Hi @Steve-Mcl,

I try to support someone to connect a HiSense TV with Domoticz. See remote control HISENSE 65U8GQ - Domoticz.

Of course, I can try to invent the wheel twice, as we used to say, but are you prepared to present your flow? This can be here or on Github.

Someone will be very thankfull and I can concentrate on the MQTT interface to/from Domoticz.

Best regards

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Hello .
I am looking for help from TV Hisense, I have already added connections to Broker TV, in addition I made switches that work in NodeRed itself, but now I do not know how to connect it to Domoticz.
I care about reading the status of the TV whether it is turned on or off and the ability to turn the TV on and off.