Broadlink-control how to?


I am quite new with node red and just bought a Broadlink RM mini. I added the node-red-contrib-broadlink-control to the palette and succeeded to get the discover node to get the typeid (2737).

However, what I want to achieve is to be able to use nr to control my devices added to broadlink mini. I can for example ask google home to turn my television on (hey google, turn office lg on), but how can this be achieved, or at all, with this add-on?

I see there is a RM node which has action Temperature, Send and Receive (off the topic is there really a tempererature sensor inside the RM mini, or what is this for - tried "payload.action": "temperature" but nothing happened), but how should I control my devices through this? Below the Action (Send) there are Remote and Button select boxes but they are empty. I guess if this worked there should be my remotes (for the tv devices added with broadlink app) and this is not working. If this because I have too new version (2737) and the app is in cloud mode? However, I want to be able to add devices and remotes with the app also, and understood that this should not be done for this add-on to work with the app, google assistant/alexa and node red simultaneously. Is this even possible, and if so how?

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