Node-red-contrib-broadlink-control v2.0.1

A set of node-red nodes to manage the Broadlink RM series of IR Controllers and for home automation. A cost effective way to control Air Conditioners, TV's, Audio equipment and many more like a universal remote control unit.


Latest version released - v2.0.1

Note - Version 2.0.0 introduced a new field in the device configuration which required a manual change to each RM device configuration in Node-RED.

  • Enhancement: Add support for RM4Pro device type 6026. Issue #28 & #30.

  • Enhancement: Remove requirement for catalog field to be populated in RM nodes (if sending codes directly instead of using the catalog files from eControl app) issue #34.

  • Enhancement: Remove default value requirement for device type and leave as default 272a if older hardware used. Only newer RM4+ type units need the device type inserted. Issue #31.

  • Enhancement: Change Timeout message to info only. The terminology here was incorrect. Refer issue #33.

  • Enhancement: Improved node status messaging on RM Nodes

Note - RF learn and send may not be working yet on the RM Pro 4 series but should be working in the earlier RM Pro units, although I don't have either to test with.


Note - This version introduces a new field in the device configuration which will require a manual change to each device configuration.

  • Enhancement: Add support for newer devices and fix header issues for them.

  • BUGFIX: Fixes for issues related to newer devices: issues #25, #23, #22, #20.

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