Node-red-contrib-broadlink-control v1.0.8

A set of node-red nodes to manage the Broadlink RM series of IR Controllers and for home automation. A cost effective way to control Air Conditioners, TV's, Audio equipment and many more like a universal remote control unit.


Latest version released - v1.0.8

  • Enhancement: Add new device ID's for RM Pro 4 - Needs testing. May need additional headers for RM4
  • Enhancement: Readme Updated to fix image links
  • Enhancement: [ALPHA] Added RM IR Receiver Node for issue #15 (Limited Functionality)
  • Enhancement: Improve error handling in RMNode for issue #12
  • BUGFIX: Possible fix for issue #7 for incorrect energy reading on SP2 - Needs testing from users
  • BUGFIX: Improve error handling in MP1Node for issue #11 and add improved help text
  • BUGFIX: Improve error handling in RMNode for data timeouts - issue #14
  • BUGFIX: Fix typo on msg.payload.fix that is returned on send of data to RMNode
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Thank you very much for this Release Update!

In the previous Version i can't learn RF 433 MHz signals. This function now with the new release 1.0.8 with most devices. but i have one 433 MHz devices, that not possiible to learn the RF-Code. The Code is very long, its end "43,6,6..." .why not everything is recorded/ learned and ends with "..."? do you have an idea what i can do?

where are you seeing the ... ? If in the debug window - it naturally truncates long messages - if you also send to the console you should see the whole message. If not in debug then... yes back to the author :slight_smile:

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this is in the debug window :worried:

sorry - i'm not a NodeRed profi. How can I send this to the console so that I can see everything?

Yes, the debug window will cut off the string.
What do you want to do with the message once you receive it?
Just pass it on to the next node in your flow and it should process fine.

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After recording the RF code, I link it to a trigger node, which I use to control a radio-controlled socket.

I will test that later. I just have to find out what kind of nodes can display the full text with the rf code.

In the debug node select the checkbox for sending to the console.

Thank you for Help

where can i see the console after i have activated it in the debug node?

The command node-red-log should show it, though it does depend on how you installed and run node-red. Run that command and leave the terminal open and it will add the output to it.
If you haven't got that command then stop node red and start it in a terminal (perhaps you already do that) in which case it will appear there.


great thanks! now it worked. :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1:

I have another question. Maybe someone knows:
how can i integrate the motion sensor as a trigger in node red for example with alarm kit S1. Is that possible?

As it is at the moment, you would need an inject node to query the S1 node every x seconds. It doesn't have a monitoring component built in.

do you know how to do that?

Has anyone here found a workaround maybe for the timeout errors that suddenly occur with this node and the RM mini 3 ?

I have made an update to this and re-published as v2.0.1 so this should now address these issues. Please update and see how it goes.

Actually, the issue I had can only be resolved if the broadlink node now also supports a setup procedure so it can circumvent the cloud-operations-only-allowed mode. A mode that the Android Broadlink app forced upon my RM..

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