I am trying to set up a node to control an aircon using the RM4 Mini.
I have loaded the sample nodes and successfully discovered the device on my lan.
So, IP, Mac address and typeid are from the discover node and I have used these to setup the RM node with its template.
The issue I am experiencing is that when I click on the inject node connected to the RM node, nothing happens.
I noted something alarming in the type message when using the discover function:

mac: "e816561ca124"
ip: ""
typeid: "520c"
type: "**Broadlink: Unconfigured Device Type: Log an issue with the device details and typeid returned as this may be a new device type.**"
name: ""
cloud: true

From what I have seen on YouTube, when injecting the RM node, something like "Learning IR - Please press the remote button" should appear just below the RM node. It doesnt!

Any hint on how to get this working? What to check/debug ?

It's telling you what to do.
If you look at the repo, you can see others have requested (I'm guessing) device support.


One for you to raise/request support for your device/version to the author

Thanks. I did that and I re-made the configuration stopping just after joining the wifi.

Now the RM node is showing "Learning IR - Please press the remote button" but nothing is returned after pressing the remote button.

Most probably this node is not maintained due to lack of resources/interest. Understandable.
I may have to put it on hold and use the old method with an IR receiver and a IR transmitter on Python.

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