Send IR/RF Commands with Broadlink RM Pro

Hello Node-Red Community,

i can't not to set a Node with IR/RF-Commands with the RM PRO with this nodes .

I get with der Dropdown "Learning" the IR-Code from any device in a payload, but i can't not send this IR-Code with a Function-Node. I think, it is a syntax error.

in the fellow node is the solution, but the content from the nodes is not not described:


What is the content in Node json and what is the syntax or commands from "set ir data".. Unfortunately that is not explained and there are no examples for it.

thank your for help!

can me anyone help? thank you

If you click the hamburger menu -> import -> examples
There are example flows included with the node, do those help ?

in the help is only this:

"Sending Commands

You can send codes directly:
msg.payload.action = 'send'; = [ 38, 0, 34 .... (IR-CODE)];"

What is the content from json or the syntax from "Set IR Dat" ???

Read my comment again.

There is a flow to learn and send commands.

you are the very best!!!!!!! now works. thank you!