Best industrial standard Hardware to run Node-RED

Hello All,

I have a use case where i will be using NodeRED for my programming.
basically i will be working with ModBus, MQTT, I2C protocols
In case of analog signal I will be working between 0-24 V
The hardware must work in ambient temprature: ~ -25 degCelcius to ~ +75 degCelcius

can somebody please recommend a good hardware for my use case

Thanks in Advance

That is a fairly high temperature, are you working in furnaces?

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Actually, "standard" operating ranges for semiconductor devices are:

  • Commercial: 0 ° to 70 °C
  • Industrial: −40 ° to 85 °C
  • Military: −55 ° to 125 °C

One of the manufacturers of raspberry pi boards uses commercial-grade components that are qualified for the commercial range, although the SoC is qualified for the industrial range. Considering internal heat generation by the chips, I doubt that the boards would be fully functional in ambient temperatures much above 70 °C.

Hi @Chetan, I share you some hardware to use in an industrial environment.

1.- ST-One
2.- SIMATIC IoT 2040
3.- Opto22
4.- TouchberryPi
and more...

I hope it helps you...


Check out Raspberry pi CM3 or CM4 module, they are rated 80 degree plus and ideal for Node-RED applications.

-25 degree is not a problem. Our regular Pi 3 products work in -30 degree environments. For more than 60 degree environments, I will recommend CM3 or CM4 with good industrial design practice (use heatsink and sealed metal enclosure for IP67 requirements).

Reminds me of the day that the aircon failed in our mainframe computer room. We poor humans couldn't manage more than 10 minutes in the heat. But the computers were quite happy working well beyond their rated capacity. Of course, £10m mainframes are built to slightly different standards than £20 SBC's :rofl:

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