Best notification app on android?

I'm surprised Pushover is mentioned only once on this thread. I've been using it for years and it's near immediate fast, doesn't waste resources on my devices, supports iOS, multiple receivers/receiver groups and is focused for the purpose. What I really like about it is that you can set a priority for the notification which can mean overriding the sound settings on the receiving device or being silent if not urgent.

For critical notifications there's also a special priority level which will cause notification to retrigger with a specific interval until it's acknowledged by one of the receivers. I'm not sure though if any of the existing Node-RED nodes for Pushover support this feature(?).


Ristomatti, I agree with you, Pushover is also my notification app of choice.
It's easy to set up, reliable, fast, secure and yes node-red-node-pushover does support various priority levels which are really useful, including priority level 2 (Emergency Priority).


Did it support receiving the acknowledgement of an emergency prio notification? I guess it would be simple to setup using standard nodes though.

There is no feedback to node-RED, but the main difference between lower levels & priority level 2 (Emergency Priority) is that when the message is received, it also displays an "acknowledge" link.
If you ignore the message, the phone will continually sound the audible alert until you acknowledge the link, which is great for important messages, especially if you are away from your phone when the message arrives.
Also, the message background is red.

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Yes. I encourage you to look into the acknowledgement feedback. It could for example be used to disarm an alarm siren or stuff like that. :slightly_smiling_face:


Yes, I could see that being very useful :+1:

We just need some talented/helpful/forward thinking contributor to add the feature to node-red-node-pushover ...
Any volunteers???


This could be a fun contribution to do when I some day will regain my inspiration to hacking stuff. I've implemented this in the past using chump node module which is different than pushover-notificafions used by node-red-node-pushover. It unfortunately hasn't been updated in 3 years but it has support for receipts.

So this would not be very straightforward change to do unfortunately. Either the wrapped node library would need to be replaced, the feature contributed to pushover-notifications with the hope of getting it updated or by implementing the functionality manually.

There's another issue with node-red-node-pushover that kind of bugs me - the fact it doesn't use a config node so the API key needs to be manually added even after copying the node as it disappears...

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I've made a start, and got a working POC, to update the existing node-red-node-pushover node.


pushover result

It still needs more work, but hopefully I'll have something for us to review in the forum soon, before maybe progressing to a PR.


I created a new thread to discuss the proposed changes to the pushover node - Discussion: update `node-red-node-pushover`
Comments welcome :wink:

I use Pushover for Alarm System which sends alarm and info notifications, you pay the 5usd per device, you can set up groups and forward or include other users outside your account in the 50k messages you get per month, reason I like it is 100% availablity and speed no more than 2 seconds on 4g network both on iOS and Android.

Correction: it's not per device but per Google account.

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$5 per month? year? one time charge?

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I've been using Pushover since 2014, the best $5 that I've spent!!
I'm using it regularly every day, and it's never let me down (so far :wink:)


I've been using Telegram since 2016, the best $0 that I've spent!!
I'm using it regularly every day, and it's never let me down (so far :wink:)



But you need a degree in bots and a 3 week training course to understand how to set it up :slight_smile:


I agree, Telegram is much too hard for my simple brain :thinking:


Not so much my brain, but I'd have to also install it and explain how to use it to my wife, sister-in-law and neighbor who gets the alerts when we are away -- meaning the group that gets the alerts needs to be easily changed too.

I'm interested in alternatives, but the "ease of use" of using your cellphone provider's Email to MMS gateway and the node-red Email node has so far impossible to beat. Only real limitation is that not all providers have the Email to MMS gateway, all the majors do AT&T, Verizon, and T-Mobile, but the resellers are spotty, Ting doesn't, Cricket does for example.

I've tried and given up on Telegram a couple of times, I'll give pushover a try when I finally have enough free time to evaluate it during a 30-day free trial.

My other requirement is when I send a 4K image I want the phone to receive the full 4k image and "pinch-zoom" to work so the person monitoring can make a very fast and easy friend/foe decision.

I 2nd this one,
I use SIGNL4 for my home security alarm system, and it's extremely fast!

Not to mention the ability to attach images / co-ordinates / and other mime types.

The others may also - I just don't know of them.

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I've created a an app called PushStaq just for that! as well a Node-RED dedicated node to make it easy to add to your flows.

You can check it out here - and a Node-RED Guide here - Node-Red Push notifications with PushStaq | PushStaq Blog
Explaining how to use PushStaq Node-RED node - node-red-contrib-pushstaq (node) - Node-RED

For any questions private message me, thanks!

P.S - sorry about the late reply on this thread!