Best notifier from Grafana to feed into Node-RED

I have the common setup whereby Node-RED gathers data, sends it to InfluxDB, and then plot it on Grafana to visualize the data. I also use Grafana's alerting features to let me know when something is wrong. Their list of supported "Notifiers" is pretty extensive.

I want to use Node-RED to accept those alerts and do other stuff, e.g. turn on a siren or light, send a message over a PA system, etc. I know how to do these in Node-RED. However, I do not want to re-create in Node-RED the dozens of (somewhat complicated) alert rules that are already set up in Grafana. Instead, I am hoping to notify Node-RED to take the message from Slack / Email / Telegram / Line / etc. and do something with it in Node-RED.

Looking at the list of supported notifiers, I am familiar with almost none of them. Which of these plays most nicely with Node-RED? I know we could use, for example, the email in Node, but I am guessing these is something better, and am hoping someone can recommend one or two from this list.

I would suggest the simplest, safest & most reliable would be webhook.

If you don't know how to create an endpoint in node-red, look in the cookbook.


I have Googled a few of them and also believe Webhook would be good, but also Pushover.

Isn't pushover across the internet? Where we webhook would (could) be 100% internal.

True, but I forgot to mention that we are using Node-RED at the plant level, InfluxDB on AWS, and Grafana Cloud.

I would agree with the others that Webhook is the "best" overall. As you are using AWS, you could have the hook there.

With Pushover or Telegram, you need to have everyone who needs the alerts to have the client installed (or have the web page open all the time) and have them connected to the appropriate bot or group.

Last time I worked with Pushover, I found that it wasn't that good and I switched to Telegram which was a lot more robust. But things may well have changed since then.

You might want to checkout the app-based alerting service SIGNL4.

It integrates with Grafana, with InfluxDB and of course with Node-RED. You can find SIGNL4 nodes for Node-RED here.

Compared to Pushover or Telegram it offers more alerting functionality like push, SMS text and voice call alerting, escalations, acknowledgements, duty planning and collaboration.

@rons4 you might like to point out that SIGNL4 is your product when suggesting that others check it out.

Hi @Colin, OK, sorry for that and I will keep this in mind. Indeed, my suggestion might be a bit biased.

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Also, Grafana alerts can be sent direct to Telegram, I use that feature.

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