Grafana getting data / filtering data from node-red?

Playing with Grafana and some open source I found on the internet, I have plenty of data (350k+ entries) and want to display them, while saving them to influx DB was easy, and using the built-in Datasource connector. I found this plugin (JSON) and the documentation is terrible, so I tested some flows and guess what? Found nothing :joy: , then I tried using the infinity plugin managed to get it working, but with the amount of data I have nothing was really showing up in the chart (the data is there and managed correctly , downloaded the CSV and saw the data).
So I guess I need a way to send an HTTP query to the node-red with start and end date/timestamp from grafana to filter out the data request and nothing more :roll_eyes:
Found this question but still confused...
Can someone help?

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If the data is in influx then the normal way would be for grafana to get the data direct from influx, which does not require any plugins. Is there a reason you cannot do this?


I just wanted to get rid of the entire influx database so I could use node-red just for getting the results from multiple endpoints, format them in an array of objects and create an endpoint for grafana to gather the info from the endpoint.
I guess I don't need to store data because the data is always available from those multiple endpoints.
If I used an influx database I will need to run it every 24h to gather the new available data

Without us knowing about the kind of data you have, where it comes from, etc. It is pretty impossible for us to help.

InfluxDB is a timeseries db so if you have time-based data, push it into there because it makes it trivial to get time-based analytics out again. If the data is some other structure, push it into a relational db maybe. 350k entries is a lot to handle every 24hrs and it would be generally better to only get updates.

InfluxDB and Grafana will be a lot more efficient at handling large data than Node-RED will be natively.

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Well i guess you are right it is a lot of data to be handled just by the node-red itself (storing it in either file or context)and querying it by timestamps.

The data i have is power price from a power company (mW/ EUR) and it haves hourly values from 2019 to current date ( and still updating)
The only good way would i guess be for grafana to pull directly from the company page. (But it is in need of development a custom plugin).

No, use Node-RED for what it is good at, grab the data, chop off what you don't need (or better, just get what you do need if the remote API supports that) and feed it to InfluxDB. Node-RED will automate that part for you. But use Grafana against the InfluxDB data because that is the most efficient way.

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