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Hope the forum is not only for tech questions.

I am using node red for a while and quite happy about it. And now I wonder If I shall get into Grafana and influx db. Since node red provides its own ui, is there more benefit of using other platform??

Also I would like to know the common database out there compatible with node red.

Thanks in advance.

It really depends on if you have any need for it.
If you search the forum for Grafana and influx topics you could get an idea if its something useful to you.

NR compatible with many databases, and each has its pros and cons for different use cases.

A lot of people on the forum use Grafana and influx db, as it is well suited to storing time series data eg temperature readings over time etc.

The charting features available in Grafana are superior to those available in the standard dashboard, but again it depends if you need that. One benefit is that it removes that workload from node red, so it doesn't cause the slow downs seen on the dashboard when used with complex charts.

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Hi Colin, as @smcgann99 said it depends on your requirements.

Grafana is a great visauliziation tool for lots of data over a long period of time and you can use several databases for the purpose of maintaining the data.

I use Node-Red now for a while and all my sensor information are getting stored in Influx-db using this node. I have prepared all long-term graphs in Grafana and using the iframe method to display these graphs in Node-red (there are several tutorials in this forum on how to do it).

As said, Node-Red does have graphs and other features but I usually use em for current or short term data. All long term or more complex graphs are via Grafana using this method.

And as @smcgann99 rightly said, long-term data graphs are using lots of resources and its better to keep that outside of Node-Red..

I'm running Node-Red on a dedicated laptop with docker and Grafana is running on my NAS docker system where the databases are stored. My Sensor database is now over 2 years old and is covering more than 100 sensors/devices and I easily can access every single measurement and state. I love it

hope this will help you


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