Best Practice: data maintenance dialog in dashboard

Hi All,

I suspect I am missing some basic trick here, so I thought I ask. Sometimes I need to create forms in dashboard to maintain some sort of data. Create a record, edit a record, delete a record (e.g. users).
The way I did this so far, is I populate all my entries to a dropdown, the user picks an entry from the dropdown and the entity properties are loaded to fields below: text input, numeric, switch, slider, etc. Whenever any of these change, I save the updated value in context. And when the users clicks the update button I pick up the most recent values from the context and update the entity. There is also a create and delete button which work similarly.

It is not the best user friendly UI, but sort of works. I also run into issues with text input. If I set the delay to a value, it creates unwanted feedback, if I type too fast some of my letters disappears. If I put it to zero, I need to remember to press enter or tab otherwise the update logic will be unaware of a change on the screen.

I know UI form also exists, but as far as I know it is not possible to pre-populate the values, so for me it is useless editing existing records.

Did I miss something? Is there and easier way?