Pre populating a form/Can a form pop up

Hi I'm a complete novice and looking at the forum is not solving my problem.
I have a dashboard displaying info it gets from my electricity monitor via UDP messages. One set of data is the tariff for the electricity (dayrate and KWh rate). I want the 2 values displayed in a way that I can edit and then submit them back into the electricity system.
Originally I thought put the data into a Numeric node but I don't seem to be able to get the values in. Can I?
Then, not wanting to clutter up the main screen with a data entry section, I thought I'd do that in a form called up by a button. I assumed that the Form was like a popup window (aka Visual Bacic or Visual C++ style), but it just goes into the Group that I set. Can I get it to pop up? I thought I saw one image when searching that looked like it did.
Or is there a way I can get the incoming tariffs (eg. msg.payload.col4) into the Numeric fields (eg Named DayRate) in the form? That would do it for me.
Any better suggestions to do what I want are welcomed.

The help text for the numeric node says
"Any input msg.payload will be converted to a number, the min value will be used if conversion fails, and it will update the user interface. If the value changes, it will also be passed to the output."
Is that not working for you? If not then add a debug node showing what you are sending to the node and check that the value you want to display is in msg.payload. If it looks ok to you then post the debug output here.

I'm getting there. I've implemented a solution that uses the form although I haven't worked out how to pre populate the fields.
In parallel (and so as to learn) i've successfully got the current values going into the Numeric node by extracting the values I wanted in a Function node. Tomorrow I will add a button to pass the new values to the electricity system. If it works it will be a tidier solution (unless I get the pre populating thing going).

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