Best type of component to switch LED lights

Hello all
I am looking for a better solution to controlling LED lights. I have built several pi's that control multiple types of LED lights around my place, I've learned a lot over the span of these projects. I started with a pi controlling relays, then moved to TIP120 transistors soldered to wires and connected to a Pi, then had a circuit board made that acted like a hat for the pi that holds 5 TIP120's. These projects have been successful but not perfect. I've been slowly reducing the size of these projects and would like to continue down that path.
I now have a project that I'd like to independently control 10 separate circuits and I'm looking for something to act as a switch that I can control with the pi and Node-Red. The voltage would be 12 volts and no more than 36 watts or 3 amps. I calculated that by 1.5 strings of 24 watt led strips per circuit. Is there a small form factor IC that would do the job and can integrate with Node-Red? Ideally, the final goal would be to make a circuit board that I can attache my pi to and use for multiple circuits with less wires in the project box. I've attached a picture of the board I had made for my last project, be kind it was my first attempt and I'm self taught, mistakes were made.....

wish list
1- looking for a small packaged transistor that can be used as a switch for multiple circuits
2- I could put multiple chips on a single board to achieve the 10 circuit goal
3- controlled by a pi
4- off the shelf node for Node-Red to control it
5- moderate voltage and current capabilities

The TIP120 connect at the bottom and a ADS115 on the side. I also added GPIO connections to the edge of the board so I could easily solder to the board to make connections I hadn't considered when designing the board. lastly the holes are to small for the TIP legs, fritzing lies